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Birthday With A Meaning

Birthday With a Meaning

Celebrate your birthday in a unique way this year with GOLD's Birthday with a Meaning experience where we honor not just your special day, but the essence of life itself. This isn't your typical birthday celebration; it's a transformative experience designed to resonate with your soul.

What Awaits You:

Personalized Readings: Begin your celebration with an intimate reading that reflects on your personal journey. Discover insights about your past, present, and the exciting year ahead.

Year-Ahead Forecast: Receive guidance on what the upcoming year holds for you. Equipped with this knowledge, navigate the future with confidence and clarity.

Meaningful Ceremony: Share this moment with your closest friends and family in a ceremony led by the renowned Isha Gold. It’s a time for connection, reflection, and shared joy.

Insights from Gabriella Alizari : Experience the profound wisdom of Gabriella Alizari, a gifted channeler and intuitive reader. Her readings offer a calling of your guides, spirit animals or loved ones that have passed to bring a message to you

Group Guided Meditation: Conclude the celebration with a group meditation. This grounding experience brings everyone together, creating a sense  of deeper connection, joy and celebration.

Why Choose GOLD for Your Birthday?

At GOLD, we believe in celebrating birthdays with intention and depth. Instead of the usual dining out and casual conversations, we offer an opportunity to connect with yourself and your loved ones on a deeper level. Embrace a birthday celebration that truly honors the conscious being you are.

Ready to Celebrate Consciously?

Sign up now and make your next birthday an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and meaningful connections at GOLD. Minimum 10 guests (including birthday person).

Call or email us to inquire about your celebration!

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