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Aura & Energy Cleanse: Sound Meditation

Reset the nervous system with sound, introductory breathwork, visualization and energy healing


In the current information age our nervous and subconscious is over-stimulated and overloaded. What to expect: This class is designed to reset the nervous system through the use of sound healing, introductory breathwork, visualization and energy healing to allow for a deeply relaxing experience to realign with yourself. The entire class will take place relaxing on your back. This energy cleansing sound bath helps recharge and restore on a cellular level through harmonic sound resonance. Various instruments such as Gong, Shruti box, rattles, drum, chimes and singing bowls are used. Benefits: Participants feel refreshed, more creative, sleep better, feel more energizing and feel an overall sense of well being after a session. About the Instructor: Mark Hartman is an artist, photographer, musician and a meditation and yoga instructor. He began studying yoga in high school, and later became certified as a teacher in 2006. Combining nearly 20 years of diverse experiences studying yoga, healing and meditation he is honored to facilitate healing, transformation and authentic experience for others. Please join me for this healing sound meditation experience.

  • 1 hour
  • 33 US dollars
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