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Balancing Yin and Yang

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Gentle movements and breath meditation to enhance emotional resilience and overall well-being.


What to Expect: In each class, we begin with simple neurosensory exercises to stabilize your nervous system so that we can slip into Guided trance meditation to gently release stuck energy and call our spirit home to your body Benefits: Our Yang-centered modern world makes us believe we must push beyond and power through our assumed limitations. This way of life leads us further from harmony and exhausts our life force. Our body/mind and spirits must be in balance for us to experience wellness and sustainable growth. Our Yin bodies are made to be self-regulating, warm, safe nests for our Yang Souls to inhabit and engage with life from. Traumatic experiences and the fast-paced, stress-filled nature of modern life can disrupt our ability to fully embody and create our destiny. They can leave us disconnected from our bodies and spiritual selves, hindering our personal growth and fulfillment. About the Instructor: "Ro Marlen has been guiding people towards healing, stability, and vitality for three decades. A born Seer, rooted in the European Wise Woman healing tradition, she has studied with numerous respected curanderos, wisdom keepers, and teachers globally. Ro's extensive experience includes spontaneous healing, trauma recovery, and working closely with ancestors and the spirits of the land. Her mission is to support highly sensitive, spiritually attuned individuals through profound transformations, advocating for a return to Right Relationship. She specializes in earth-honoring spirituality and culture-shaping, offering deep, transformational guidance."

  • 33 US dollars
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