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Breath Alchemy

Recalibrate and cultivate a deep sense of inner safety and harmony through heart opening breath


Immerse yourself in a profound group breathwork and sound healing experience aimed at catalyzing transformation, fostering deep self-discovery and empowering you to actively engage in your own healing journey. What to expect: Experience a journey of where the power of breath transcends the confines of the overactive mind. This three-part transformational breathwork is rooted in sacred masculine energy which ignites intentions, while the conscious connected aspect of the breath integrates and receives expansion which embraces the divine feminine energy inherent in this practice. Breath Alchemy serves as a potent tool for navigating emotional and energetic barriers, opening up the heart and paving the way for clarity and cellular healing. This breath is a powerful portal that shifts the analytical mind into a realm of creativity, weaving together the fragments of our inner world. Within minutes, brain waves transition from high-beta stress and anxiety states into prolonged periods of calming alpha or theta brain wave states, contributing significantly to overall well-being. Benefits: Your Emotional Being: reduce anxiety and depression, boost happiness, self-worth and self-love, cultivate cathartic emotional release of trauma, break patterns of negative thinking, behavior and addiction Your Physical Body: increase energy and focus, alleviate physical pain, improve sleep, immunity and digestion, optimize body function and homeostasis Your Spirit Self: create spaciousness, clarity, presence and awareness, access non-ordinary states of consciousness, support spiritual awakening and healing, connect to higher realms About the Instructor: Morgan Tedeschi is a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, functional nutritionist, health coach, 200 RYT and integrated energy/ reiki healer who passionately guides humans back to optimal health and balance in their being from the inside out. Her own journey through health struggles ignited a passion for integrating Eastern and Western modalities, resulting in a powerful alchemy that harmonizes and elevates the mind, body, and soul connection. Morgan holds a safe space for people to release energetic blockages as they access their innate inner wisdom, make peace with all parts of themselves and come back home to their bodies and truth. Morgan’s purpose is to help raise the consciousness of the planet by using the breath, mindfulness, food, somatic healing and energetic release as medicine.

  • 1 hour
  • 33 US dollars
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