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Inner Compass: Train Your Intuition

Tune into your Intuitive Wisdom


Train your intuition to access your inner compass to navigate life with greater confidence and clarity. Developing your intuition equips you with the tools to tune into your innate wisdom leading you to inner and outer fulfillment. What to expect: Your intuitive ability is a powerful ally (and superpower) that helps you navigate all areas of life. Knowing how to read the subtle sensations and gentle nudges of your intuitive senses - leads you to live a more successful life. Your guide, Belinda Pearl, has been training people to access their intuitive abilities for over 20 years. The core elements of each class are comprised of: - Mindful meditation to cultivate inner peace and focus - Pranic Breathwork - Interactive intuitive exercises to develop your inner compass - Energy Work to align your energy field - Practices to clear blockages and mental limitations - Channeled Oracular messages - Reflective inquiry - Sound integration Benefits: Each class immerses you in a unique experience that: - Weaves ancient wisdom with modern practices to awaken your intuition. - Confidently attunes you to subtle energy. - Dissolves mental clutter - Sharpens and sensitizes your senses to subtle nudges. - Amplifies your awareness of intuitive messages. - Clears mental-emotional blocks - Develops discernment to see through illusions - Unlocks your imagination - Rekindles your connection to inspiration About your Instructor: Belinda Pearl shares with you over 28+ years of experience in the fields of Esoteric Healing and the Mystical Arts. She has devoted her life to the study and embodiment of Spiritual healing & the sacred mysteries. Her personal spiritual journey and evolution brought her to work deeply with the Venus-Rosa Mystica lineage of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, and the many teachers of this sacred path. She is an ordained Magdalene Priestess, as well as a Priestess of the Sacred Heart. Her mission and ministry is to impart the truth and light of the ancient mystical teachings using various modalities, such as dance, sound, voice, prayer, and other ancient practices gifted to her through her lineage and teachers of the Light.

  • 1 hour
  • 33 US dollars
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