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Spirit Reading

with Gabriella Alziari


Each of us has a team of Light Beings watching over us, helping us navigate challenges, lessons and our mission here on Earth. In this unique experience, you’ll get the chance to communicate directly with your Spirit Guides. Together, we’ll do a meditation to balance your energy centers and “call forth” to your Spirit team in particular. You’ll be able to ask them any questions you have and receive their loving guidance. As a result of this session, you’ll feel more balanced, clear-minded and sure of your next steps in life. About Gabriella: Gabriella Alziari is an Intuitive Channeler, Reiki Master, and Life Coach. Her journey began in 2019 when she uncovered her intuitive gifts, including direct communication with Spirit Guides. She has led thousands of people worldwide through tailored experiences to connect with their Guides, access their intuition and understand their true mission here on Earth. Today, her greatest joy is helping others discover their life purpose and live authentically.

  • 1 hour
  • 250 US dollars
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