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The HARI Method: A Kundalini Experience

A Kundalini experience


(Heart-Awareness-Raised-Intuition) The HARI Method is a sacred feminine kundalini inspired yoga practice that combines movement and breathwork for mental clarity and energy. It also includes active meditations and visualizations that clarify the mind, open your intuition, relieve stress, and bring out different neuropathways for fulfillment gratitude, courage, and happiness. About the Instructor: Ari Jeet is originally from Brazil where she grew up in an environment surrounded by mixed cultures and spirituality. Ari is a scientist in biotechnology with a Master's in Sciences in human macro and micro anatomy. She holds a 200hr yoga alliance as a certified kundalini yoga teacher. She created the HARI (Heart Awereness Raise Intuition) method to embody her uniqueness by using yogic, mystical and scientific principles.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 33 US dollars
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