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The Medicine of the Voice

Awaken Your Power Through Vocal Sound Resonance


The Medicine of the Voice is a transformative and experiential journey guided by Belinda Pearl. This class is designed to cultivate the power held within your voice to activate healing and self-discovery. What to expect: This Vocal Sound journey unleashes the power of your voice through a somatic-experience of deep connection with your heart, mind, body and Spirit. Each class comprises these core elements: - Mindful movement. - Energy medicine. - Pranic breathwork. - Vocal exploration and vocal exercises, such as toning, singing, and - chanting. - Vocal activation with sacred sounds and healing mantras. - Essential oils to deepen the somatic journey. - Sound healing integration. Benefits: Each class immerses you in a unique experience that: - Awakens your true voice resonance. - Guides you to discover self-confidence through the joy of toning and singing. - Harmonizes your nervous system and body through voice resonance. - Rejuvenates your energy by activating your energy centers (chakras) with powerful vocal exercises. - Releases fears and blocks of authentic expression. - Expands your creative expression. - Guides you to tap into your innate gifts. About your Instructor: Belinda Pearl shares with you over 28+ years of experience in the fields of Esoteric Healing and the Mystical Arts. She has devoted her life to the study and embodiment of Spiritual healing & the sacred mysteries. Her personal spiritual journey and evolution brought her to work deeply with the Venus-Rosa Mystica lineage of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, and the many teachers of this sacred path. She is an ordained Magdalene Priestess, as well as a Priestess of the Sacred Heart. Her mission and ministry is to impart the truth and light of the ancient mystical teachings using various modalities, such as dance, sound, voice, prayer, and other ancient practices gifted to her through her lineage and teachers of the Light.

  • 1 hour
  • 33 US dollars
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